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"Building an online community of guitarists coming together to learn, share ideas and unite in our enjoyment of playing guitar."

Where it Began

The idea of Fretlix was something I had mulled over for many years but I had a relentless touring schedule and I was never in one place long enough to take it any further .... until 2020, when the world shut down and life as we knew it, came to an abrupt end. With the world at a stand still I knew this was the moment to bring my dream into being - an online community of guitarists coming together to learn, share ideas and unite in our enjoyment of playing guitar.

About Ryan

During my 20 year career, I have been very fortunate to have had a successful and varied time in music that has included playing with world renowned pop artists on world tours, film and tv recording and playing in musicals in the West End. I have learnt and experienced so much that has shaped my playing and performing. Playing guitar is one of the greatest loves of my life and I want to share my knowledge, enthusiasm and experience with you too so that you can benefit and improve your own playing.

Learn Guitar The Right Way

I created the Fretlix tutorials to provide guitarists with a clearly structured route to master the basics correctly before advancing through to more challenging tutorials so that they can build on their practice and see significant improvement in their playing. I strongly believe that you get out of your playing what you put in, so you won’t find any ridiculous claims that you can “learn guitar in 5 minutes” here. What you will learn are fundamental lessons that will form the foundations of everything you do going forwards, making you a much better musician.

Reignite your love of guitar

I also created Fretlix with the aim of re-energising people who have become bored with their playing, to encourage people who are lacking in confidence, to inspire people with new tips and tricks, and to reignite the passion in people who have been let down by the “influencers” when they haven’t mastered the fretboard in 24 hours! I also want to share my experience of live performance and to help and encourage musicians to get out there, jam, play and perform with one another. Whether you have aspirations to play at a local jam night, start a band with friends or play on the biggest stages in the world, music can be so rewarding when sharing the experience with others.

Connect with other musicians

Most importantly, I wanted to build a community of guitarists. We are stronger together and can learn so much from each other. Whether you want to join in live Q&A sessions, or you want to submit videos for supportive critique, or you simply want to chat about guitars and gear, there is something for everyone to benefit and learn from.

Ryan Haberfield

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