Over 300 video lessons and structured courses that have been created by expert professional musicians! Whether you are a complete beginner or you have been playing a little while and are looking for some new ideas to inspire you and take your playing to the next level, our step by step courses can take you from the practice room to jamming with fellow musicians

30 day blues accelerator

Are you tired of playing boring sounding Blues guitar solos? All you need is 15 minutes a day and this 30 day course will transform the way you play Blues.

Guitar solo fundamentals

Do you want to be able to play guitar solos and improvise? Learn the essential techniques, tricks and improvisation! This is the complete guide to playing amazing lead guitar!

Spice Up Your Blues

Are you stuck in a rut using the same old licks and scales when you play Blues solos? Learn how to play solos like the Blues greats and change the way you play Blues lead guitar forever.

Mastering the Minor Pentatonic Scale

Ever wondered how guitarists can play solos all over the fretboard? Learn how to truly master the Minor Pentatonic scale all over the neck and how you can use it as a foundation to play amazing lead guitar.

Improver Guitar Course Part 1

Been playing a while? Know how to play barre chords but are finding things tricky and want help? If the answer is yes then this course is perfect for you.

Improver Guitar Course part 2

This course will take you from knowing a few barre chords to understanding the Blues, learning the best scale for soloing, and some essential techniques!

Beginner Guitar Course part 1

Have you just picked up a guitar and have no idea where to start? By the end of this course you’ll be well on your way to playing your favourite songs!

Beginner Guitar Course Part 2

This course takes you from knowing some basic chords to learning fun riffs and songs and carries on where we finished in the Beginner Course Part 1 .