Mastering the Minor Pentatonic Scale

Skill level: Intermediate / Advanced

Learn how to easily create melodic solos over the entire fretboard.

Have you ever wondered how some guitarists play solos all over the fretboard? Do you want to learn how to play solos up and down the entire neck? Do you want to unlock the fretboard and never be stuck to one place ever again?

A lot of guitarists think that you can only play the Minor pentatonic scale in one place and that the problem with their soloing is the scale itself. This is absolutely not true! Once you master the pentatonic scale it will unlock a completely new way of seeing the fretboard forever. The good news is that it’s really not as hard or complicated as it seems when you learn it correctly. Once you know this you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it.

In this course you will learn:

  • The 5 Positions of the Minor Pentatonic Scale
  • Licks in each Pentatonic position
  • How to take licks you already know and play them all over the neck
  • How to use chords shapes to help with soloing
  • Picking and Legato exercises to improve you speed and coordination
  • How to combine the Pentatonic shapes so you are never lost on the fretboard again
  • Much much more…

Supplied with the lessons are professionally produced backing tracks in different styles, at different tempos, featuring some of the UK’s top session musicians. Also included with the lesson are PDF’s containing detailed explanations, TAB and notation to maximise your learning experience. 

If you’ve been soloing for a while and you can play the Pentatonic scale in one or two places on the neck but, are feeling a bit stuck playing the same old licks and ideas, then this course will completely change how you play the guitar forever.

Skill Level – Intermediate/Advanced

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