Improver Guitar Course part 2

Skill level: Beginner

Learn Classic Riffs & Songs, the 12 Bar Blues plus, the number 1 scale for Guitar solos!

in this course we are going to continue where we left off in Part 1 and start looking at Dominant 7th barre chords, which will allow us to play a 12 bar blues in every single key!  From there we are going to learn a classic Blues riff that is loads of fun to play and combined with the play along tracks you’ll be ready to start jamming the Blues with friends. 

We’ll also start looking at some fundamental techniques such as Palm Muting, Hammer ons and Pull offs, up and down picking and much more! We are also going to learn Major and Minor 7th chords that sound amazing and are in many well know songs. We’ll chat about muting or tidying up our playing, which most guitarists don’t tend to think about, but will make a massive difference to our playing,  making everything sound so much better.

We are going to learn the coolest scale on guitar – The Minor Pentatonic, but this time we are going to learn it as a shape that you can move around the entire fretboard and play in every single key! Throw in lots of classic riffs and songs and we have a jam packed course for you which is going to be your final step before becoming an intermediate guitar player!

Skill Level – Beginner/Improver

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