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Lack of time and struggling with self-learning? We have courses led by PRO guitarists eliminating the need for endless online searches. Step-by-step guidance takes away the guesswork and ensures efficient learning. Revitalise your passion for music with the power of our cutting-edge guitar courses. 

Spice Up Your Blues

Are you stuck in a rut using the same old licks and scales when you play Blues solos? Learn how to play solos like the Blues greats and change the way you play Blues lead guitar forever.

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Learning guitar on your own can be lonely so we are here to help. Gain access to our interactive and supportive private Facebook group. Ask questions about playing or gear, share ideas and engage in unadulterated guitar chat. Expand your guitar network and your knowledge, at the same time.


Say goodbye to playing ruts and ignite your musical passion with advice from seasoned musicians.  Have all your burning questions answered, as you embark on a journey filled with endless possibilities. With the insights of pro musicians at your side, you’ll push the boundaries of your playing and discover a world of exciting new sounds.

Fretlix Founder Ryan Haberfield

With a wealth of experience working alongside some of the biggest names in the music industry, such as Jessie J, The Jacksons, Melanie C, and more, Ryan’s experiences will help you to elevate your skills and captivate audiences like never before.

Learn from someone who has wowed audiences worldwide at iconic venues like the NYE Ball drop in Times Square, The O2 Arena, Glastonbury Pyramid Stage, and many others.  Embrace the opportunity to learn from a true industry expert and gain the confidence and skills to fast track your learning. 

No matter your level of expertise, whether you’re a seasoned musician or just starting out, Ryan’s courses are designed to cater to your individual needs and goals. From refining your techniques to expressing your unique musical style, Ryan is dedicated to supporting your growth and progress.

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Structured Courses

clear learning pathwayReady to break free from endless YouTube searches? Elevate your guitar journey with our personalized, fun, and interactive lessons. Make real progress with our thorough step-by-step guidance.


Backing tracks Ignite your musical passion with pro-crafted backing tracks featuring top session musicians. Play along, accelerate learning, and experience the thrill of playing in an amazing band from the comfort of your own home

expert guidance

by pro musicians Embark on the ultimate learning experience with courses led by REAL pro musicians. Their invaluable knowledge of insider tricks, well-kept secrets, and proven hacks will propel your playing ability and unlock your true potential.

PDF Workbooks

Course resources Enhance your learning with our meticulously crafted PDF workbooks, designed to elevate each lesson. Discover valuable content, including expert playing information, sheet music, chord and scale diagrams, TABS, and many other invaluable resources.

Private group

Online Comunity Access an exclusive Facebook group, and discover a wealth of inspiration, invaluable tips, and personalised guidance. Connect with other guitarists, share progress, and receive expert advice to conquer any playing challenge.


MasterclassesAccelerate your guitar journey with bonus access to masterclasses by industry pros. Enhance your playing, gain expert insights, and become the guitarist you've always aspired to be.

Community Feedback

Andy Brown

I immediately warmed to Ryans easy going style of tutoring and coaching, so much so that I have never looked back. In 6 months the lessons have taken me from someone who could play the minor pentatonic scales in most positions to someone who is soloing across the fretboard, mixing major and minor scales. This has been immediately transferable into my band who can see a marked difference in my playing.

Steve Fitzgerald

The structured lessons are clear and concise, and have suited my needs to take my playing forward. Ryan is easy going, patient and seems to have a real intuition for the individual player’s needs. I’ve been lucky enough to be able to play at a couple of outside events during the summer and I’ve really enjoyed incorporating some of the new techniques I’ve learned.