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Over 300 video lessons and structured courses that have been created by expert professional musicians! Whether you are a complete beginner or you have been playing a little while and are looking for some new ideas to inspire you and take your playing to the next level, our step by step courses give you a clear roadmap to guaranteed results!

Guitar solo fundamentals

Do you want to be able to play guitar solos and improvise? Learn the essential techniques, tricks and improvisation! This is the complete guide to playing amazing lead guitar!

Spice Up Your Blues

Are you stuck in a rut using the same old licks and scales when you play Blues solos? Learn how to play solos like the Blues greats and change the way you play Blues lead guitar forever.

Mastering the Minor Pentatonic Scale

Ever wondered how guitarists can play solos all over the fretboard? Learn how to truly master the Minor Pentatonic scale all over the neck and how you can use it as a foundation to play amazing lead guitar.

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Learn in real time from top music industry professionals. Every month we deep dive into different topics giving you the chance to learn, interact and ask questions to maximise your learning experience. You'll also have access to all of the previous live sessions including hours of content, PDF workbooks and backing tracks.

Q & A hangout sessions

You will always have questions when learning guitar and you can have them answered by experienced pro musicians through our interactive Q&A sessions. Join in to get your burning questions answered, pick up pointers to help you out of a playing rut, or request feedback on your playing with helpful advice to improve your performance.


Learning guitar on your own can be lonely so we are here to help. Come and join our interactive and supportive private facebook group, exclusively for members. Ask questions about playing or gear, share ideas and engage in unadulterated guitar chat. Expand your guitar network and your knowledge, at the same time.

FretLix Founder Ryan Haberfield

Ryan Haberfield has worked alongside some of the top names in the UK music industry such as Jessie J, Ellie Goulding, Melanie C, Liam Payne, Tinie Tempah plus international artists The Jacksons, Kelly Rowland and Emma Marrone to name a few.

Ryan has toured extensively all over the world playing to millions of people at venues such as the NYE Ball drop Times Square, The 02 Arena, Glastonbury Pyramid Stage, Rock in Rio and at V festival. He has also appeared on TV shows including the UK and USA X factor, Jay Leno show and the Late show with David Letterman.

As a studio musician Ryan has recorded guitar on countless albums worldwide, including music for TV and film. He has also worked in London’s prestigious West End performing on shows such as Lion King, Legally Blonde, and with Andrew Lloyd Webber on his musical Stephen Ward.

What Your Membership Provides

Structured Courses

By Pro Musicians

Stop endlessly bouncing around Youtube! Join us and access hundreds of fun, interactive and intuitive lessons. Courses include thorough step by step instruction to help you advance and see real progress in your playing.


Live Masterclasses

Grab the opportunity to learn from genuine music industry professionals with our interactive live sessions. New topics covered every month including access to all of the previous sessions.

Private Group

Online Community

Join our interactive community. Get access to a private members-only Facebook group where you can chat, share ideas and seek help with common playing issues.


Backing Tracks

Hundreds of backing tracks for you to play along with to accelerate your learning. The backing tracks feature pro musicians so you get the feeling of playing in an amazing band from the comfort of your own home.


Live Q&A Sessions

A.K.A. Ask us anything sessions! Am I doing it right? What gear should I buy? I’m finding things hard, what can I do? Get your questions answered by pro musicians. You can also submit your playing for supportive feedback.


Course Resources

Download our highly detailed PDF workbooks that accompany every lesson. The workbooks contain playing information, sheet music, chord and scale diagrams, TABS and much more.

Community Feedback

Andy Brown

I immediately warmed to Ryans easy going style of tutoring and coaching, so much so that I have never looked back. In 6 months the lessons have taken me from someone who could play the minor pentatonic scales in most positions to someone who is soloing across the fretboard, mixing major and minor scales. This has been immediately transferable into my band who can see a marked difference in my playing.

Steve Fitzgerald

The structured lessons and feedback are clear and concise, and have suited my needs to take my playing forward. Ryan is easy going, patient and seems to have a real intuition for the individual player’s needs. I’ve been lucky enough to be able to play at a couple of outside events during the summer and I’ve really enjoyed incorporating some of the new techniques I’ve learned.

Rom Godhino

This is the most I’ll ever get from a guitar course! I'm fairly new to lessons however I can’t believe how much I’ve learned in such a short time. I went from no fretboard or theory knowledge at all to a confident level of understanding extremely quickly. This is to do with the method and ways the courses are delivered - they keep you interested and you are always learning. I’ve tried many other classes in the past but never stuck with them.

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"Get the equivalent of over $30,000 worth of private guitar tuition, to work through at your own pace plus live stream sessions with over $700 a year!"

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