Guitar Hacks

Skill level: Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced

Learn the secret tips, tricks and techniques used by pro musicians!

Everyone loves a Hack! In this course we are going to learn the number 1 tips and tricks for guitar playing. As a professional musician working at the very top of the music business you are constantly under massive pressure to get things right straight away. I needed to come up with the easiest, most efficient and musical way of doing things which is exactly what I share with you in the Guitar Hacks course.

The hacks consist of bitesize lessons so you can dip in and out of them, and get them into your playing right away. We will look at everything from soloing to rhythm playing such as how to use chord shapes to playing melodic solos in any key; how to keep in time; and how to add cool licks and fills to your rhythm playing.

I’ll also share with you my tips and tricks for live performance and recording; things like: how to set your Pedal board up correctly, what to take to gigs and Jam nights, and how to make your guitars sound better when recording. 

Skill Level – Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced

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